We are a group of opticians and optometrist who is in the field for 3 decades. Opticare is proud to say that it has a solid customer base filled with wonderful stories.

The reason we started going online?

For the past couple of years, we investigated whether it's a good idea to expand our services in order to serve more customers. After a couple of more years of investigations and critical thinking, we decided its the time to serve more people.

Why would you trust us?

Somethings are better to experience than to actually put into words. We know there are thousands of websites and services that can provide you with a prescribed glasses and other eyewear, but do they actually care? do they actually know what they are doing?

Putting up a website and calling themself a business is not the way we operate. We will give you the instore experience, customer care and guarantee that you will receive the accurate product you needed.

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